Bronx Municipal Accident Lawyer

Municipal Liability

In any city, the government owns property and provides many services for its citizens. The municipality owes a legal duty to people who avail themselves of government services or who come onto government owned property to use reasonable care to prevent injury, death, or other damages.

When a municipal government or one of its agencies fails in this duty and someone is injured or killed as a result, the injured person or surviving family members may have a legal cause of action to recover money as compensation for their economic and non-economic losses, including pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, and more. This is best accomplished by hiring a Bronx municipal accident lawyer from Domina Law who is experienced in handling this type of case, which has specific requirements and shorter time limitations than typical personal injury and wrongful death cases.

Causes of Municipal Accidents

As municipal accident attorneys in the Bronx, we are familiar with New York’s five boroughs and the surrounding suburbs. Municipal accidents are common and include injuries in many places and with many causes attributable to government negligence or wrongdoing, including, but not limited to:

  • Slip and falls caused by poorly maintained public sidewalks
  • Improperly maintained city-owned property
  • Lead poisoning or exposure to other toxic substances in city-owned buildings
  • Defective of improperly maintained city-owned equipment causing construction accidents
  • Accidents caused by dangerous conditions in city playgrounds, swimming pools, and parks
  • Negligent supervision of children in city-run programs or schools
  • Police brutality
  • Accidents involving city-owned motor vehicles
  • Emergency vehicle accidents: police cars, fire, trucks, ambulances
  • Medical malpractice in a government hospital
  • Premises accidents in public buildings
  • Accidents caused by defective design or maintenance of streets, roads, or highways
  • Auto accidents caused by malfunctioning traffic lights

Which Agency is Responsible?

An overview of Domina Law educates the community as to why specifically a Bronx municipal accident attorney is pivotal when handling claims against various city, state, and county government agencies. For example:

Time Restrictions on Filing Municipal Claims

New York State law restricts the amount of time you have to notify the municipality involved and file a legal claim. Although statutes of limitations apply to most personal injury claims, they are much shorter when a municipality is involved. You have only 90 days from the date of your injury to file a notice of claim, and one year and 90 days to file a lawsuit against a city, another municipal government, or any of their agencies. Missing a filing date could prevent you from recovering the compensation you deserve and the Bronx municipal accident lawyers want to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

How to File a Municipal Liability Claim

If your injury occurred in New York’s five boroughs, or in the surrounding area, to initiate a claim you should contact Dino J. Domina as soon as possible after the accident, an experienced Bronx municipal accident lawyer, preserving your right to a recovery.  At the Domina law firm, we have a twenty year track record of obtaining financial compensations from municipal agencies and others. We are a client-centered and results-oriented law firm, leading in municipal accident attorneys in the Bronx, as we are committed to justice for anyone who has been injured due to another’s negligence or wrongdoing. Regularly recognized for excellence by Super Lawyers Magazine, we provide the experience and the level of excellence that will give you the best chance for a substantial recovery, whether through an out-of-court settlement or a jury trial.

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